Avoid Used Cars Not Having Certified Mileage; A Broken Timing Belt Can Flatten Your Wallet

Premature failure of a rubber timing belt can easily cost two or three thousand dollars of repairs, possibly including a new engine. Therefore knowing the true mileage of a used car is imperative. Off lease Cars having 4 or 6 cyl. engines may have rubber timing belts and should be avoided ICT Billet LS ac compressor bracket.

Be warned

Five years ago an international oil company survey found that 50% of off-lease cars had their odometers illegally turned back and suggested consumers avoid buying off-lease (used) cars, or leasing used cars having uncertain mileage. If the cars really had 50,000 miles, and the odometer read 30,000, then the timing belts would fail long before the new owners expected them to fail.

What is an “interference engine”?

Rubber timing belts are usually used in “interference” engines in which the
valves open further and project further into the combustion chamber than in a “free-running” engine. This allows outside air at atmospheric pressure to flow faster into the combustion chamber through the larger valve openings, allowing the engine to inhale more air, be smaller and still create as much power while reducing its manufactured cost and guaranteeing future repair business for the dealer.

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