Best Wireless Device Tools and Apps for Making Sure Your Kids Are Safe Online

In this day and age, many parents find it difficult to monitor what their children are doing on the Internet. There are several tools and apps for your child’s wireless device that will ensure their online safety.

Zoodles by Adobe AIR is a free way for your children to browse online content in a secure and safe manner. Zoodles can also serve as an online parental control service, wherein you can moderate and restrict your children from visiting various websites. It is full of fun and educational activities for children of all ages, while blocking all unnecessary ads.

2. AOL Safety Toolbar:

The AOL Safety Toolbar is a web filtering toolbar that can be installed on a computer or wireless device such as a mobile phone that uses Firefox or Internet Explorer. The AOL Safety Toolbar filters out inappropriate content. Parents can use this free toolbar to monitor and safeguard how their children use the Internet.

3. Safe Eyes Mobile:

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