Bucket O Soldiers: Animated Green Army Men for Your Child

The Bucket O Soldiers may remind you of the old days when you played with toy plastic or even metal army men with your friends. These toy soldiers are characters in the popular Toy Story movies. In the movies, the 200-man army often carries out missions conducted by Woody and the gang. With their “leave no man behind” motto, these soldiers are ready to spy on new toys or find Woody’s hat. In the package of this toy version, there are only 72 army men. However, this is still plenty for your children to enjoy hours and hours of imaginary play. The animated toy soldiers are attached to flat bases so it is easy to stand them up on any surface Summer Caps Youth hat Size Free Summer Travel Bucket Hat B07NZSZY8P.


The fun Bucket O Soldiers offers interesting features as follows:

1. The 72 green army men are accurately designed to look just like those in the movie.

2. The soldiers are 2″ tall; this is larger than average plastic army men you find in most toy stores.

3. The toy soldiers are fixed to flat base plates. This construction enables your children to stand them up easily.

4. There are 12 different poses of the men.

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