Clear Out the Clutter in Your Car

After our daughter became 10 months old, we decided it was time to sell our car, a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon, and buy a larger vehicle. The reason being, once we place the car seat, nobody else fits in. However, an acquaintance whom we approached was offering only $ 5000. We posted online ads in various used cars websites. But nothing really happened. There was no response. We decided to get the help of auto expert on how to sell a used car. We thought of sharing those tips with those who want to sell their used car. DKIIGAME Trunk Organizer for car B07KMWF6H7

How to Sell a Used Car

Prepare your car – The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to clean up your vehicle. Vacuum the seats and the interiors. Empty the ashtray, remove the loose change and food wrappers and empty the trunk. You also need to check the fluid levels of your car – oil, break fluid and windshield. Get your car washed and waxed. Don’t forget about the tires.
Be organized – Get the car inspected by an auto expert. Have all the maintenance records and warranties in place along with the certificate of the auto expert. You can sell your car under the banner pre-certified used car for sale.
Come up with a right price tag – You should be aware of the current market price for the used car even before you approach used car dealers.
Take photos of your car- If you are going through a car dealer, this step can be omitted. If you’re planning to sell it on your own, then you should take as many snaps as possible at various angles displaying the exteriors, interiors, trunk, dashboard and if you have any installed any extra accessories. Remember to keep the steering wheel straight.
Advertise your car – These days, placing classified ad online is the trend. Use various social media sites to let your circle of friends and acquaintances know you are selling your car. You can also ask your colleagues to spread the word.
Write creative ads: Be specific and write about the accessories of your car such as amazing windshield wipers, scintillating stereo system or how the car gets out of snow without any hassles. You should also be honest about the flaws of the car. If there is any stain or dent mention it or show it. The buyer also knows that used cars are not perfect.

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