Have A Vibrating Car?

I even ask myself that question sometimes. What’s funny about vibration is that it pretty much comes up on you all of a sudden. You’re car can probably already be vibrating and you have no idea! The reason of a vibrating car can either be because of something that can be easily fixed or because of something that’s going to lead you to buy a whole new car LS7 swap parts.

5. Rebuilt Car Engine
It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Rebuilt Auto Engine – it can be any type of engine really. The reason why it starts shaking and vibrating is because the engine isn’t getting enough air, fuel, or even spark – the components that it needs to run efficiently and smoothly. These are a few ways you can tell if it is your engine:

1. You start to notice some type of shudder or jerking when you accelerate.
2. You start out driving fine for the first couple of miles, but then later on you feel shaking.

If you recognize these signs, this most likely means that you need new spark plugs.

4. Problems With Your Axle
If your Axle just so happens to get bent – which can happen if you get into an accident – then your car will vibrate with more intensity the faster that you drive. Another thing that it can be would be the driveshaft – just check it. If there’s worn out CV (Constant Velocity), this can contribute to the problem.

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