How to Wear a T Shirt to Work

The t shirt is a popular piece of clothing but it’s synonymous with leisure wear. It has therefore always been frowned upon as a smart garment for work. However over the last few years the t shirt has started to appear in the work place and cross the boundary into smart office wear. The aim of this article is to show you a couple of ways in which to smarten up your designer t shirt to be able to wear it into the office Mens trendy clothing.

Step 1: Teaming With Trousers
For a casual day look, most people team their designer t shirt with a pair of relaxed jeans but this look doesn’t work in an office environment. It’s therefore vital that you choose the correct trousers to wear with your t shirt in order to carry off the smart look required.

There are basically two options available for teaming with your t shirt. The first is to follow through with the smart/casual look by wearing your designer t shirt with a smart pair of jeans. Typically the jeans will be in a fitted style, with only subtle detailing and be in a classic colour such as dark indigo.

The second option is to team your t shirt with a smarter pair of trousers. Tailored trousers in a contemporary colour such as grey or black will instantly smarten up the look.

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