My First Travel to Japan

I was so excited when I arrived at NARITA Tokyo Japan on my first project assignment. I felt a bit nervous because the airport is so big that you can see many exit directions. To be able for you to reach the main building you have to transfer from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 via monorail. Nervous because I don’t speak well in Japanese during that time and very few Japanese can speak English. So, I looked for some other ways to easily find my target destination and I need to be in Yokohama to meet the company staff who will guide me to the apartment unit Geisha district.

Fortunately, there are many sign boards inside the airport where in you can see Japanese characters and “romaji” reading in alphabet. I just followed the sign boards and bought a ticket at the limousine bus ticket counter (It is located right after the passport exit gate). Usually they will ask you “Doko ni ikimasuka?” which means “Where are you going?”. On the timetable I found Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) and checked what time would be the next departure. When I got the ticket, I immediately went to find the bus stop which has the code like the one printed on my ticket. The baggage assistant approached me to see the ticket and guide me to the appropriate line where I supposed to get on. I am really thankful that the local people were very polite and I felt relieved especially when I got on the bus going to Yokohama station.

I realized that having a little background about Japan and basic knowledge on their language will give you more comfortable travel in Japan. If you can easily read hiragana characters on top of kanji characters on the sign boards and directions, you have a big advantage to enjoy and maximize your trip. Simple vocabulary words will be of great help during your stay in Japan.

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