Rogar Solid Copper Oval Hanging Pot Rack

Installing a hanging pot rack in a kitchen gives a unique effect and the Rogar Solid Copper rack is highly polished, which also adds a touch of elegance. Its oval contour allows it to blend in seamlessly with almost any kitchen design, and it looks especially stylish when installed over a floating island.

The Rogar Solid Copper hanging pot rack has a number of features that make this rack a practical addition Soduku Pot Pan Rack with Shelf Grid B07M7JJ9Y6:

This copper pot rack is made using 2 inch wide copper that is 1/4 inch thick, making it strong enough to handle any pots and pans you may care to hang on it.
The outer frame of the Rogar Solid Copper Hanging Pot Rack comes with 8 permanently attached hooks.
The center copper grid also has 4 “S” hooks which can be hung on the grid in any convenient location.
The center grid can also be used for storing lids, dishes and other kitchen utensils, and since this copper pot hanger measures an impressive 40 inches long by 19 inches wide, it provides lots of storage space.
Since there is so much storage space and hanging ability on this rack, there will be a large increase in available space in both your kitchen cupboards and on your countertops, which will help to make your kitchen a more effective and safe place to work.

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