Training to Be A Life Coach – The Sounding Board

When you are training to be a life coach… one of the things you learn about is the power of asking effective questions. But elite life coaches know they can’t stop there. They know a secret most people don’t understand. That secret is hidden in the body of a guitar or a piano. Tony Robbins Ruby Tickets


Have you ever strummed a guitar or tapped a piano key? I bet you have.

Can you imagine it now? Can you imagine the beautiful tones emerging from a finely tuned acoustic guitar? Or maybe you can hear the quiet “tinkle” of the highest keys coming from a baby grand?

The sound from those stringed instruments is produced because of one specific part of the instrument. That critical part is called the “sounding board.”

The sounding board is the part of a stringed instrument that transmits the vibrations of the strings to the air, greatly increasing the loudness of the sound over that of a string alone.

The sounding board doesn’t change the tone. It doesn’t add notes the musician didn’t play. It doesn’t judge the note played either.

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